Indie Artist Terms and Conditions Submission Form for 30+ Bonus

We have attached a fee to our station in reference to artists submitting of song(s) for rotation.

  • There is a of $30 per song, per artist fee to submit song(s) to our station,
    which will include the following terms and conditions:


  • Submit song(s) to rotation for 30 consecutive day in heavy rotation, then presented to Standard Rotation for 90 consecutive days in our AutoDj Playlist.


  • Presented to the stations Dj’s to put into their rotation for pre-records and LIVE broadcast
    (understand this, not all Dj’s on the station will be playing these song(s), so it’s best that you tune into the station to hear the song(s) being played. We have no control over what our Dj’s spin on the stations as for as genre)


  • Song(s) and artist will be forwarded to A&R’s of the station to help promote the artist on social media and publicly


  • Song(s) and artist bio will be forwarded to foreign countries in which will be put into rotation and broadcast LIVE in clubs, parties, FM Broadcast, and college radio


  • Presented to spin on the Indie Artist Showcase once a week on and for the remaining time frame of the song(s)


  • Presented from Heavy Rotation to Standard Rotation for the next 90 consecutive days on our station AutoDj which spins when there isn’t any pre-records and LIVE broadcast are on air (included)


  • Submit song(s) to our stations email, but they will have to be paid in full before the song(s) are submitted for rotation. Song(s) not paid for and emailed will set in a folder for 7 consecutive days, if payment haven’t been received at the end of the 7 consecutive day, it will be removed without question. No reminder will be sent out to remind you to pay for the song(s) you send in
    Any other song(s) that would like to be presented will have to be notified by email for invoice to be presented for rotation each time the song(s) are submitted


  • We also ask that you present your embedded tag of the artist name, featured artist, and song title before it is sent to us in a professional matter. Such embedded tags should be present in the example below

John D @johndoe (ft./feat.) MC Jane Doe @janedoe – My Name Is


  • This will recognize you on our Twitter accounts as well as Facebook accounts of the station. Our Auto Tweet post song(s) played in rotation on our station. This is why we ask. Most serious artist have artist Twitter / Facebook Artist pages, if you have one it will show up on our account as well as your artist account each time it is played in rotation
    If you don’t already have one, it’s best at this point to create one so your name doesn’t show up in someone else feed
    Our Now Playing status will look in this manner when posted to our Twitter station accounts

NowPlaying on – artist name ft./feat artist – Song Title
#LinkUp #StayTune


  • Our emails for submission are as followed:
    Clean Edited Song(s) / Paypal Account:
    Explicit Song(s):
  • You must submit a notices to ( in order to get an invoice sent to your primary email before submitting your song(s)


  • A Greeting Notice will be sent to you once your song(s) are submitted to our stations with all the details you need to know about our station and how the song(s) are played. Please read this carefully to understand how we operate with our stations


  • No Signature No Contract is required to submit song(s) to our station, just guidelines, terms and conditions to be met

Thanks for the opportunity of contact, we look forward to our services with you

[wpecpp name=”Submission Agreement” price=”$30.00 (each song)” align=”center”]

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