Jeff “Babykodiak” Blanks (The Sunday Morning Soulful Inspiration)

Jeff “Babykodiak” Blanks (The Morning Show Personality) was born May 23.
Has been into radio since he was a young child. By the time he made it to Junior High, producing music magazines for his friends and by the time he left St. Paul Central High School, he was chomping at the bit to being on the air. It will take 30 years and a loving family who helped his own personal setup for his station – The Wall Radio, now that he has the time to groom his skills….. he has come to, and look forward to spending many hours entertaining, educating and helping listener’s get their groove on. In your commute to work, during your break and atmosphere that surrounds you.
8 am – 12 noon Morning Radio Show on (short clip)
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