Dj Marvin Banks (Radio Personality & President)


Dj Marvin Banks has 15-year engineering where he started making his own beats and selling them to the local artist. Marvin than met with RS in Radio Broadcasting, first starting as a youth in Deejaying for schools and local parties in his hometown of Chicago. All my life, even when I was younger, I’ve loved and been interested in music always, had a heart for it. Any genre of house music to hip-hop and R&B. ”His passion for music lead him to go to the Columbia College, for studio Craig Wallace and that’s where his experience took off as a Deejay.

Becoming General Manager of Minnesota Hott Radio to leasing the station. Marvin Banks experience also includes as “President of, working with Radio Media Group” and now proud Owner & C.E.O. of “Everybody socializes with us.” Programming is seven days a week, around the clock and not the average fare. “I love all entertainment, anywhere from stage plays to orchestra composed music, jazz, radio, neo-soul. Music will always be a part of my life.

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