Curtis “Dj Green” Westbrooks

Curtis Dj Green Westbrooks, born January 30, 1978, I am from the southside of Chicago and moved to Lincoln Nebraska in late 2001. I am the co-owner of Buck 50 Productions, Vice President of One Structure Dj’s, a Dj coalition based out of Wisconsin. Dj’n became a passion of mines in 2004. I have been blessed to have met and or Dj for multiple national artists. You can catch me on the airwaves Fridays @4pm till 6 pm central time on THE TRUTH TALK SHOW RADIO NETWORK, and on Saturday nights from 12 midnight till 2 am on KZUM 89.3 on and starting OCTOBER 13TH rite here so tune into the hottest sounds from hip-hop & r&b on THE DJ GREEN SHOW
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